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Most of our clients require specialist advice in order to deal with complex financial planning issues, including high value pension and investment portfolios, complicated tax planning, or personal / business protection liabilities.

However, we also understand that there are times when a full advice service may not be needed, and the advice costs associated with the implementation of a simple pension or investment can potentially outweigh the value that can be added.

Do you want to set up a Pension, but do not require full advice at the moment?

Firstly, we recommend that for all clients that have over £100,000 of existing pensions, investments, or other personal/company savings (or those looking to make contributions that will exceed this value in the short term) that you should discuss your circumstances with one of our financial planners.

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If a simpler approach would be more appropriate for your current needs you can get a pension in less than 10 minutes, adapt it to your lifestyle and change contributions as you need to.

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If you need to set up a pension to make monthly / ad hoc contributions personally or from your company, and feel you do not require financial advice at this moment in time, we have a solution for you as well.

We have evaluated, tailored and agreed an introduction to a third-party pension provider called Raindrop, for those clients that do not require our advice service but equally need to establish a pension that they can manage themselves until they get to the point when further advice is required. If you establish a pension with Raindrop we may receive an introducer fee. This fee does not affect the charges you pay Raindrop in any way or the returns you will receive.

The Raindrop pension has been designed specifically for the modern worker and for those clients that do not require our full advice service but equally need to establish a pension.

What is Raindrop?

Raindrop allows you to take control of your retirement by allowing you to be flexible with how much you put away for your retirement. You are able to make contributions personally and also make contributions through your limited company.

Fully Digital

Easy to keep track of and manage, online or on your phone

+25% tax top-up on contributions

HMRC gives you £25 for every £100 you invest in to your pension


Turn contributions off and on as your income situation changes

Find old pensions

We can help you to find your old pensions and bring them together

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A solution for every saver

The hassle-free product gives you the tools you need to manage your pension, whether you are contributing for the first time, getting your contributions back on track, or making contributions from your company into a personal pension. Everything is designed to give you pension peace of mind.

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